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Oracle WebCenter Content 11g: Site Studio Essentials (WC11GSSE)

  • Overview
  • Who Should Attend
  • Certifications
  • Prerequisites
  • Objectives
  • Content
  • Schedule
Course Overview

Duration: 5 Days

Price: SGD 4,200.00

This course lays the foundation for Web Content Management by furnishing the participants with the designer skills necessary to contribute to, design, and build Web sites using Site Studio, Site Studio Publisher, and Dynamic Converter.

Participants will learn to navigate a Site Studio Web site as an end-user, editing and contributing both native content and data files managed by Oracle Content Server. They will also participate in a workflow as an end-user, reviewing Web site content. And eventually they build a fully-fledged Web site by creating page templates, adding contribution regions and native content to layout pages and creating dynamic lists. They validate content submitted through Site Studio Contributor and use Dynamic Converter to format and view native content. Finally, they will learn how to publish static Web sites.

This offering is based on Oracle WebCenter Content 11g PS5 (


Who Should Attend

  • Application Developers
  • Web Administrator

Course Certifications

This course is part of the following Certifications:


Required Prerequisites:

  • Working knowledge of HTML
  • Working knowledge of Oracle WebCenter Content Server

Course Objectives

  • Contribute native content (such as Microsoft Word documents)
  • Review workflow content in context
  • Contribute via Desktop Integration Suite (DIS)
  • Create page templates
  • Use Dynamic Converter to control the presentation of native content
  • Create Web site reports
  • Enable content managers to edit site
  • Publish a static Web site

Course Content

Oracle WebCenter Content Overview

  • Overview of Oracle WebCenter Content
  • About Site Studio Applications

Metadata and Content Contribution

  • About Options for Contributing Content
  • Discussing the Typical Process for Managed Content
  • Discussing Metadata Overview
  • About the Importance of Metadata

Editing Content

  • Accessing Contributor
  • Assigning Content to a Region
  • Editing Native Documents
  • Using Styles in Native Documents
  • Creating Hyperlinks in Native Documents
  • Editing Data Files
  • Previewing Changes

Reviewing Web Pages: Working with Workflows

  • Overview of Workflow
  • About General Workflow process
  • Accessing Items for review
  • Comparing Version Differences

Working with Lists

  • Working with Static Lists
  • Working with Dynamic Lists

Contributing Content through the Content Server

  • Using the Standard Check-In Form
  • Using Content Profiles
  • Using Folders
  • Updating Content Metadata

Contributing via Desktop Integration Suite (DIS)

  • Overview of Desktop Integration Suite
  • Discussing DIS Content Repository Options
  • Installing DIS
  • Connecting to WebCenter Content
  • Accessing WebCenter Content through Windows Explorer
  • Comparing Managed Word Documents Overview
  • Creating Virtual Folders

Website Model

  • Planning Your Website
  • Naming Site Assets
  • About Order of Site Asset Creation
  • Downloading and Installing Site Studio Designer
  • Creating a New Site Connection
  • Adding a Site Asset Category

Understanding Site Studio Webpages

  • Describing Presentation Versus Content
  • About Control and Configuration Files
  • About Placeholders, Placeholder Definitions, and Mappings
  • About Region Definitions and Region Templates
  • About Elements and Element Definitions
  • Defining the Project File
  • Discussing Site Studio Administration Page
  • Discussing Webpage Assembly

Working with Site Hierarchy and Navigation

  • Discussing Site Hierarchy Model
  • Discussing Site Navigation
  • About Map domain names
  • How to change the path used in a site address?

Working with Site Templates

  • What are Page Templates?
  • What are Region Templates?
  • What are Subtemplates?
  • Understanding Primary and Secondary Pages
  • Creating a Home Page
  • Adding a Primary and Secondary Page
  • Viewing Your Website
  • Using Cascading Style Sheets

Images, Fragments, and Placeholders

  • Adding Images to a Page Template
  • What are Fragments?
  • What are Fragments and Templates?
  • Inserting Fragments on a Page Template
  • Inserting a Navigation Fragment

Assigning Region Content

  • Assigning Region Content
  • Generating Unique Files
  • Assigning Content to All Sections
  • Setting Replaceable Regions
  • Missing Region Content

Creating Element Definitions

  • Working with Element Definitions
  • Creating an Element Definition
  • About Element Actions
  • About Element Link Settings
  • About Element Validation
  • Creating a dynamic list element definition
  • Making dynamic lists section specific

Creating Region Definitions and Region Templates

  • About Region definitions and contributor data files
  • Configuring region definitions
  • Arranging elements on a region template

Creating Placeholder Definitions

  • Creating placeholder definitions
  • Discussing Placeholder definition mappings
  • Specifying default placeholder definition
  • Inserting placeholders

Working With Native Content

  • Describing the purpose for Dynamic Converter
  • Checking in a Dynamic Converter template
  • Specifying a conversion template for native documents
  • Creating and ordering template selection rules

Editing Dynamic Converter Templates

  • Accessing the Dynamic Converter Template Editor
  • What Are Template Elements?
  • Creating Elements and Styles
  • Referencing CSS Styles from Dynamic Converter Templates

Error and Search Pages

  • Creating an error page
  • Adding search functionality to your Web site

Working with Site Reports and Site Studio Manager

  • Comparing the types of Web site reports
  • Viewing Web site reports
  • Adding Site Manager to your Web site
  • Creating a Manager settings file
  • Listing Site Manager Tasks
  • Accessing Site Studio Manager

Creating a Static Web Site

  • Accessing Site Studio Publisher
  • Creating a static Web site


Course ID: WC11GSSE

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