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IBM FileNet P8 Platform 5.0: System Implementation and Administration (F142G)

  • Overview
  • Who Should Attend
  • Certifications
  • Prerequisites
  • Objectives
  • Content
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Course Overview

Course Duration 5 days.
IBM FileNet P8 Platform 5.0: System Implementation and Administration - This course is for those whose job responsibility is to maintain, monitor, and configure an operational IBM FileNet P8 Content Manager system. Maintenance tasks include starting and stopping FileNet P8 engines and other system components as required, configuring object stores and file systems for storing documents, and implementing system security and access control structures.

Who Should Attend

  • This intermediate course is for anyone who is currently, or soon will be, administering an IBM FileNet P8 system or building a business solution hosted on the IBM FileNet P8 platform.

Course Certifications

This course is part of the following Certifications:


  • IBM FileNet P8 5.0 Prerequisite Skills using Workplace XT (F141) or equivalent experience
  • A basic understanding of relational database concepts
  • Some experience as a system administrator, database administrator, or business solution builder
  • IBM FileNet P8 5.0: Prerequisite Skills using Workplace XT (F141G)

Course Objectives

  • Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to administer an IBM FileNet P8 Content Manager system using the tools and techniques presented here.
  • Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to implement a Content Manager system using these tools.

Course Content

Introduction to IBM FileNet Content Manager
  • System overview
  • Examine system components
  • Start or stop system components
Content Storage
  • Content storage concepts and components
  • Configure an object store
  • Create a file storage area and policy
Content Data Structures
  • Business content analysis
  • Configure content metadata components
  • Migrating data
  • Modify metadata
Securing Content
  • Security concepts
  • Working with direct security
  • Configure object store security
  • Configure security policies
  • Configure security inheritance
Document Searches and Bulk Operations
  • Create stored searches and search templates
  • Working with Query Builder
  • Configure content-based retrieval
Automate Actions on Content Objects
  • Content engine events
  • Create event actions
  • Configure Content Engine auditing
Configure FileNet Workplace XT
  • Workplace XT configuration files
  • Configure Workplace XT appearance
  • Configure Workplace XT behavior
  • Configure My Workplace pages
  • Configure Application Integration BCS and File Tracker
System Administration and Maintenance
  • Overview of system maintenance
  • Monitor components with IBM System Dashboard
  • IBM System Dashboard reports
  • Monitor content storage
Manage system logs

Course ID: F142G

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