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PeopleSoft Payables Rel 9.2 Ed 2 (PSPE2)

  • Overview
  • Who Should Attend
  • Certifications
  • Prerequisites
  • Objectives
  • Content
  • Schedule
Course Overview

Duration: 4 Days

Price: SGD 4,220.00

The PeopleSoft Payables Rel 9.2 course has been updated through Update Image 14. This training introduces you to the entire PeopleSoft Payables process, from setting up system tables to running Payables reports. Interact with expert Oracle University instructors to expand your knowledge and help you leverage this financial solution.

Learn To:

  • Create business units and suppliers to use throughout the class.
  • Understand the different voucher types and how to copy information into vouchers using purchase orders.
  • Get introduced to contract vouchers and recurring vouchers.
  • Define rules for entering and processing payables transactions and follow the flow of external and internal invoices from supplier to voucher to payment to general ledger accounting entries.
  • Become familiar with many operational Payables reports and examine how Payables efficiently integrates with other PeopleSoft applications.
  • Process vouchers through PayCycle and posting payments.
  • Manage data through mass updates and inquiries.
  • Process Supplier Onboarding by understanding new supplier configuration, registration, and approvals.
  • Create and enter payment requests for non-PO purchases and miscellaneous items into PeopleSoft.
  • Understand the basics of Journal Generator and send accounting entries to the general ledger.
  • Review accounting entries and other Payables information.

Benefits to You

Ensure a smooth, rapid implementation of PeopleSoft Payables. Better understand the foundation and configuration options of Payables so you can make improved decisions during your implementation. Modify or extend PeopleSoft applications to meet your organization’s business requirements. Optimize transactions so your organization can realize the full benefit of its Payables investment.


Who Should Attend

  • Functional Implementer

Course Certifications

This course is part of the following Certifications:


Required Prerequisites:

  • Run processes and reports
  • Use control tables to enforce business rules
  • Understand basic navigation and PeopleSoft concepts

Course Objectives

  • Identify the way PeopleSoft stores data
  • Construct PeopleSoft Payables transactions
  • Manage PeopleSoft Payables processes
  • Set up Payables data
  • Analyze PeopleSoft Payables data
  • Explain PeopleSoft reporting tools
  • Describe PeopleSoft Payables
  • Explain PeopleSoft WorkCenter and Dashboard
  • Explain Supplier Onboarding
  • Create Payment Requests

Course Content

Setting Up Core Tables

  • Setting Installation Options
  • Establishing User Preferences
  • Creating Locations
  • Defining ChartFields
  • Securing ChartFields
  • Setting Up Sales and Use Tax Defaults and Options

Setting Up Payables Business Units

  • Identifying PeopleSoft General Ledger Business Units
  • Creating a PeopleSoft Payables Definition
  • Creating a Payables Definition
  • Modifying PeopleSoft Payables Options
  • Utilizing TableSets

Defining Banks

  • Identifying Common Banking Terms
  • Identifying the Basic Steps of Bank Setup
  • Defining Banks
  • Setting Up Bank Branches
  • Defining External Accounts

Setting up Payment Data

  • Entering Payment Terms
  • Setting up Additional Payment Data
  • Defining Bank Replacement Rules

Adding Suppliers

  • Explaining Suppliers
  • Establishing Supplier Information
  • Adding Suppliers
  • Explaining Supplier Conversations
  • Updating and Reviewing Supplier Name History
  • Approving Suppliers
  • Inactivating Suppliers

Defining Miscellaneous Data

  • Entering Miscellaneous Data
  • Enabling Entry Events
  • Setting up On-Demand Processing

Creating Vouchers

  • Identifying Voucher Basics
  • Identifying Voucher Types
  • Uploading Vouchers Manually
  • Creating Quick Invoice Entries

Processing Vouchers

  • Creating Accounting Entry Templates
  • Posting, Closing, Unposting, and Deleting Vouchers
  • Correcting Voucher Errors
  • Approving Vouchers
  • Viewing Open Liabilities

Utilizing Control Groups

  • Creating Control Groups
  • Deleting a Control Group
  • Running the Control Group Register

Creating Voucher Contracts

  • Describing Voucher Contracts
  • Establishing Contract Set Controls
  • Defining Voucher Contracts
  • Closing Voucher Contracts
  • Processing Batch Vouchers
  • Reviewing Events

Matching and Landed Cost

  • Identifying Matching
  • Entering Match Rules and Tolerances
  • Defining Matching
  • Defining Landed Costs
  • Running Landed Cost

Creating a PayCycle

  • Identifying Payment Creation Steps
  • Running the Pay Cycle
  • Viewing Payment References
  • Creating Manual Positive Payments
  • Managing Troubleshooting
  • Posting Payments

Creating and Managing Manual Payments

  • Using Express Checks
  • Creating Manual Payments
  • Canceling Payments
  • Processing Escheated Payments

Creating Journal Entries

  • Creating Accounting Entry Definition
  • Running Journal Generator

Running Inquiries and Reports

  • Personalizing Inquiries
  • Viewing PeopleSoft Payables Inquiries
  • Viewing Payables Metrics
  • Running Payables Reports


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