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Oracle Commerce: Customizing the Commerce Platform Rel 11.1 (CCCP)

  • Overview
  • Who Should Attend
  • Certifications
  • Prerequisites
  • Objectives
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Course Overview

Duration: 5 Days

Price: SGD 5,275.00

This Oracle Commerce: Customizing the Commerce Platform Rel 11.1 training teaches you how to customize Oracle Core Commerce for your application. Learn the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to configure and extend Core Commerce for your system requirements.

This course is appropriate for on-premises deployments only.

Learn To:

  • Use Commerce Reference Store (CRS) as a starting point to implement features commonly found in real-world commerce applications.
  • Extend and customize the existing pricing services.
  • Deliver personalized pricing and promotions to your customers based on individual profiles and shopping patterns.
  • Extend and create java classes used to manage and process orders.
  • Implement custom shipping and payment methods based on your requirements.
  • Create and manage multiple sites from a single Oracle Commerce cluster.
  • Customize in-store returns to support additional returnable states.
  • Use or extend the existing fulfillment system.
  • Integrate Core Commerce with external systems such as inventory and payment systems.
  • Extend the Data Warehouse reporting for custom properties.

Benefits to You

By enrolling in this course, you will to learn how to build your application on Oracle Core Commerce. You will develop the knowledge and skills needed to extend Core Commerce for your custom store. Become more efficient in implementing features by using or extending out-of-the-box components or by creating your own custom code. Reduce upgrade complexity and time using more efficient and standard development practices.

Commerce Reference Store (CRS)

You will learn about the Commerce Reference Store modules. After a deep dive into the customizations built for the reference application, you will learn how to extend the base code and build additional customizations into CRS Store and CRS Rewards.

Customize Commerce Features

This course teaches you how to implement your application on Oracle Core Commerce. Learn how to control pricing and promotions for individual customers, customize order processing, create new shipping and payment methods, extend inventory and fulfillment systems, implement in-store returns, and customize reporting.

Integrate with External Systems

Oracle Commerce provides a framework to build your online application. There are often external systems which need to be integrated with Core Commerce such as order management and fulfillment, catalog content and pricing, and inventory systems. Learn about when and how to integrate with an external system.


Who Should Attend

  • Application Developers
  • Java Developers
  • Technical Consultant

Course Certifications

This course is part of the following Certifications:


Required Prerequisites:

  • Familiarity with Oracle DB and Oracle Commerce Core Platform
  • Understanding of the Oracle Commerce product catalog, form handlers, and pipeline processing
  • Java, JSP, J2EE, and web application development
  • Working knowledge of HTML, XML, and object-oriented programming
  • Oracle Commerce: Platform Fundamentals for Developers Rel 11.1

Suggested Prerequisites:

  • Familiarity with the Oracle Commerce Reference Store
  • Familiarity with commerce extensions to Core Platform

Course Objectives

  • Implement a custom pricing calculator
  • Serve multiple store sites from a single Oracle Commerce cluster
  • Extend or replace the fulfillment system and integrate with a shipping system
  • Configure storefront returns and extend returns processing
  • Extend the data warehouse and the data reporting capabilities
  • Extend components and create custom components required for by the site
  • Configure and extend store locator services
  • Configure the omni-channel inventory system
  • Extend the checkout process and customize the order processing pipeline
  • Add a custom promotion type to a commerce solution
  • Extend and create java classes used to manage and process orders
  • Configure and extend shipping and payment methods

Course Content

Introduction to Oracle Commerce

  • Oracle Commerce features and capabilities
  • Commerce Reference Store
  • Practice environment

Pricing System

  • The pricing engine
  • Dynamic discounts

Pricing Services

  • Item pricing
  • Order pricing
  • Extending the pricing services


  • The promotion system
  • Types of promotions
  • The discount process

Extending the Promotion System

  • Promotion components and classes
  • Promotion Model Definition Language
  • Custom promotion types

Store Locator

  • The location repository
  • Store locator classes and components
  • The geo-locator service

Inventory System

  • Introduction to the Inventory System
  • Inventory classes and components
  • Customizing inventory management

The Order Process

  • Orders and shopping carts
  • The purchase process
  • Shipping methods
  • Billing methods
  • Submitting orders to fulfillment

Custom Order Handling

  • Order classes and components
  • Order pipeline
  • Modifying orders
  • Extending orders
  • Order persistence

Shipping and Shipping Groups

  • Collecting shipping information
  • Shipping form handlers
  • Shipping groups
  • Customizing shipping groups

Custom Shipping Methods

  • Extending the commerce pipeline
  • Shipping methods
  • Adding a custom shipping method

Payment Groups

  • Payment groups and the Payment Group Manager
  • Claimable payment groups
  • Initializing an order’s payment groups
  • Modifying an order’s payment groups
  • The payment process
  • Adding a custom payment group


  • The site repository
  • Site classes and components
  • Core commerce extensions to multisite
  • Customizing multisite


  • Introduction to the Fulfillment Architecture
  • Notifying the fulfillment system
  • Integrating with a shipping system
  • Extending the fulfillment system


  • Return states
  • The return repository
  • Returns classes and components
  • Pipelines
  • Extending returns


  • Introduction to the Reporting Framework
  • The Data Warehouse
  • Data loggers
  • Data loaders
  • Data aggregation
  • Extending the data loading pipeline processors


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