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DAPAS10 - DNA Automation using Python for APIC-EM & Spark v1.0 (DAPAS10)

  • Overview
  • Who Should Attend
  • Certifications
  • Prerequisites
  • Objectives
  • Content
  • Schedule
Course Overview

Course Duration: 2 days

With new technologies and applications are greatly increasing nowadays in the field of Networking, Python is one of the popular programming languages that is being widely used by many developers to build applications. In this training, the participants will have an opportunity to jump-start their programming skills by starting to understand the basic constructs of a program and slowly evolve themselves to build a script to automate a routine task in the enterprise.

This course demonstrates on how to create and execute a python script to make REST API call to APIC-EM and Cisco Spark to retrieve device info and device status to notify the respective engineers by creating a room in Cisco Spark and send notification.

Who Should Attend

  • Pre-Sales Engineers
  • System Engineers
  • CTOs
  • IT Managers

Course Certifications

This course is part of the following Certifications:


Course Objectives

After attending this course you should be able to:

  • Introduction to SDN
  • Understanding the architecture of SDN
  • Quick overview on available SDN controllers
  • Introduction to Cisco APIC-EM – Enterprise class controller
  • Overview – various applications in APIC-EM
  • Understand web service and REST web service
  • Purpose of REST APIs
  • Overview on the available APIs in APIC-EM
  • How to consume REST API
  • Output data format - JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
  • Basics of Python
  • Understanding to execute sample scripts in python
  • Retrieving the network device and interface status from Cisco APIC-EM.
  • Creating Room in Cisco Spark and sending notification to respective personnel

Course Content

Introduction to SDN

  • Network Analogies
  • Overview SDN controllers

APIC-EM – Overview

  • Architecture
  • Network Automation 
  • Platform packing
  • APPs
  • Programmability

Web Service and Rest Web Service

  • Types of Web Services – REST and SOAP.


  • Introduction to REST
  • Architecture
  • Request and response model.
  • Consumption of a RESTful API.
  • Types of response data available - JSON/XML format

Making HTTP Request

  • Understanding of CRUD
  • Methods - GET, POST, PUT, DELETE

Python Programming Language

  • Overview of Python
  • Understanding Environment  

Python Scripting for APIs

  • Fundamentals Python Script in APIC-EM & Spark
  • Use case Python Scripts in APIC-EM & Spark
  • Executing the script to see the functionality
  • Verifying Output

Course ID: DAPAS10

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