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SISE - Implementing and Configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine v2.1 (SISE)

  • Overview
  • Who Should Attend
  • Certifications
  • Prerequisites
  • Objectives
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Course Overview

Course Duration: 5 days

The Course Introduction provides learners with the course objectives and prerequisite learner skills and knowledge. The Course Introduction presents the course flow diagram and the icons that are used in the course illustrations and figures. This course component also describes the curriculum for this course, providing learners with the information that they need to make decisions regarding their specific learning path.

Who Should Attend

  • Individuals involved in the deployment and maintenance of the Cisco ISE platform.

Course Certifications

This course is part of the following Certifications:


Attendees should meet the following prerequisites:

  • Familiarity with Cisco IOS CLI

  • Familiarity with Cisco ASA

  • Familiarity with Cisco VPN clients

  • Familiarity with Microsoft Windows Operating Systems

  • Familiarity with 802.1X


Course Objectives

  • After completing this course you should be able to:

    • Install ISE v1.3

    • Understand the concepts of Policy Enforcement in a Cisco

    • Configure Cisco ISE v 1.3 for Guest Access, BYOD and MDM and network Cisco ISE Compliance and Posture

    • Understand the concepts of designing an implementation along with Cisco recognized best practice

Course Content

Module 1: Introducing Cisco ISE Architecture and Deployment

Objective: Describe Cisco ISE as a network access policy engine

Lesson 1: Using Cisco ISE as a Network Access Policy Engine

Objective: Describe Cisco identity services and benefits

This lesson includes these topics:

  • Cisco Identity Services Overview
  • Cisco Identity Solution Benefits
  • The Attack Continuum 
  • Controlling Access to the Network
  • Security Challenges for IT Organizations
  • Centralized Policy Management
  • Cisco Identity Solution Guest Use Case
  • Cisco Identity Solution BYOD Use Case
  • Cisco Identity Solution Profiling Use Case
  • Cisco Identity Solution Compliance Use Case
  • Cisco Identity Solution Security Group Access Use Case
  • Introducing the Components of a Cisco ISE Deployment
  • Secure Access Control
  • Describing Cisco ISE Functions
  • Summary

Lesson 2: Introducing Cisco ISE Deployment Models

Objective: Introduce the components of a Cisco ISE deployment

This lesson includes these topics:

  • Introducing the components of an ISE Deployment
  • Cisco ISE Nodes and Personas 
  • Admin Node
  • Policy Service Node
  • Monitoring Node
  • pxGrid Services
  • Collector Agent
  • Policy Synchronization
  • Deployment Options
  • Cisco ISE Communication Model
  • Introducing Context Visibility
  • Context Visibility Benefits
  • Context Visibility Wizard
  • Streamline Visibility Wizard
  • Summary
  • Lab 1: Configure Initial Cisco ISE setup GUI Familiarization, system certificate usage

Module 2: Cisco ISE Policy Enforcement

Objective: Introduce 802.1X and MAB

Lesson 1: Introducing 802.1X and MAB Access: Wired and Wireless

Objective: Describe 802.1X access

This lesson includes these topics:

IEEE 802.1X Primer

MAX Authentication Bypass

Overview: Configure 802.1X and MAB


Lab 2: Integrate Cisco ISE with Active Directory

Lesson 2: Introducing Identity Mangement

Objective: Describe identity management

This lesson includes these topics:

  • Identity Sources Overview
  • Internal Identity Sources
  • External Identity Sources
  • Multi-AD Overview and Configuration
  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
  • SAMLv2
  • Identity Source Sequence
  • Summary

Lesson 3: Configuring Certificate Services

Objective: Describe Cisco ISE certificate services and implementation

This lesson includes these topics:

  • Certificate Overview and Implementation
  • Certification Authority Services
  • Summary

Lesson 4: Introducing Cisco ISE Policy

Objective: Describe Cisco ISE policy services and components

This lesson includes these topics:

  • Authentication and Authorization Process
  • Dictionaries, Identity Sources, and ISSs
  • Authentication and Its Components
  • Expectation Policies and Policy Sets
  • Sessions in Cisco ISE
  • Summary
  • Lab 3: Configure Basic Policy on Cisco ISE

Lesson 5: Configuring Cisco ISE Policy Sets

Objective: Describe Cisco ISE policy sets, usage, and best practices

This lesson includes these topics:

  • Cisco ISE Policy Sets Overview
  • Global versus Local Exception Processing
  • Lab 4: Configure Conversion to Policy Sets

Lesson 6: Implementing Third-Party Network Access Device Support

Objective: Describe third party NAD support on Cisco ISE

This lesson includes these topics:

  • Third-party NAD Support: Features and Workflows
  • Summary

Lesson 7: Introducing Cisco TrustSec

Objective: Describe Cisco TrustSec features and function

This lesson includes these topics:

  • Introducing Cisco TrustSec

Lesson 8: Introducing EasyConnect

Objective: Describe 802.1X and MAB

This lesson includes these topics:

  • Easy Connect Overview
  • Easy Connect Modes and Flows
  • EasyConnect Configuration
  • Summary
  • Lab 5: Configure Access Policy for Easy Connect

Module 3: Web Auth and Guest Services

Objective: This module introduces Cisco ISE Web Access, guest components, settings, and portals.

Lesson 1: Introducing Web Access with Cisco ISE

Objective: Explore web access portals in Cisco ISE

This lesson includes these topics:

  • Wen Authentication Overview
  • ISE Web Authentication Configuration Overview
  • The Web Authentication Verification Overview
  • Summary
  • Lab 6: Configure Guest Access

Lesson 2: Introducing ISE Guest Access Components

Objective: Discuss guest access services

This lesson includes these topics:

  • Guest Access Services Overview
  • Summary

Configuring Guess Access Settings

Lesson 3: Configuring Guest Access Settings

Objective: Describe guest access settings

This lesson includes these topics:

  • Review Guest Access settings
  • Guest Types Overview
  • Summary
  • Lab 7: Configure Guest Access Operations

Lesson 4: Configuring Portals: Sponsors and Guests

Objective: This lesson describes sponsors and sponsor portals

This lesson includes these topics:

Cisco ISE Sponsor Components and Configuration

Lab 8: Create Guest Reports

Module 4: Cisco ISE Profiler

Objective: Introduce Cisco ISE profiler services

Lesson 1: Introducing Cisco ISE Profiler

Objective: Describe profiler services

This lesson includes these topics:

  • Introduction to the Profiler Service
  • Cisco ISE Probes
  • Profiling Polices
  • Summary

Lesson 2: Configuring Cisco ISE Profiling 

Objective: Configure profiler on Cisco ISE

This lesson includes these topics:

  • Configure Profiling on Cisco ISE
  • This lesson includes these topics:
  • Configure Profiling on Cisco ISE Overview
  • Prepare for Profiling
  • Enable the profiling Service
  • Profiling Probe Configuration
  • Configuring the profiler Feed Service
  • Profiling Settings
  • Define Profiling Parameter
  • Configure Profile Policies and Logical Profiles
  • NMAP Scan Actions
  • Go Live and Monitor
  • Summary
  • Lab 9: Configure Profiling
  • Lab 10: Customize the Cisco ISE Profiling Configuration
  • Lab 11: Create Cisco ISE Profiling Reports

Module 5: Cisco ISE BYOD

Objective: Introduce the Cisco ISE BYOD process

Lesson 1: Introducing the Cisco ISE BYOD Process

Objective: Describe BYOD problems and solutions

This lesson includes these topics:

  • BYOD Problem and Solutions
  • BYOD Design

Lesson 2: Describing BYOD Flow

Objective: Describe BYOD portal selection process

This lesson includes these topics:

  • Summary

Lesson 3: Configuring My Devices Portal Settings

Objective: Describe My Device portal configuration

This lesson includes these topics:

  • My Devices Portal Configuration
  • My Devices Portal End-User Experience

Lesson 4: Configuring Certificates in BYOD Scenarios

Objective: Describe the use of certifcates and BYOD access

This lesson includes these topics:

  • Local ISE CA Server and Local Certificates
  • Cisco ISE Certificate Set up walk-through
  • Lab 12: Configure BYOD
  • Lab 13: Blacklisting a Device

Course ID: SISE

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