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A901E - Cisco ASR 901 Essentials (A901E)

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  • Who Should Attend
  • Certifications
  • Prerequisites
  • Objectives
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Course Overview

Course Duration: 3 Days.
A901E - Cisco ASR 901 Essentials This instructor-led course introduces you to the features and functions of the Cisco® ASR 901 Series platform. Through a combination of lecture and hands-on labs, you will gain an understanding of the major aspects of the platform, including hardware, software, Layer 2 services, and management features. This training is based on Cisco IOS® Software Release 15.2(2)SNG for the Cisco ASR 901.

Who Should Attend

  • Technical support personnel
  • System engineers

Course Certifications

This course is part of the following Certifications:


  • Attend the Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices (ICND) course or equivalent experience
  • Knowledge of Cisco IOS Software commands
  • Knowledge of Layer 2 IEEE switching and related protocols

Course Objectives

  • List and describe features, benefits, and functions of Cisco ASR 901 Series routers
  • Describe each of the hardware components and perform hardware maintenance on the Cisco ASR 901
  • List and describe the architecture, features, and functions of the hardware elements of the fixed-configuration Cisco ASR 901 router
  • Explain the Cisco ASR 901 operating system and functionality
  • Install software on a Cisco ASR 901 Series router
  • Configure Ethernet interfaces on the Cisco ASR 901 router using the Cisco Ethernet Virtual Circuit command line interface
  • Configure T1/E1controllers and serial and MLPPP interfaces on the Cisco ASR 901 router

Course Content

Module 1: Using the Cisco ASR 901 for IP Radio Access Network Backhaul
  • Existing Radio Access Network Backhaul
  • Next-Generation IP Radio Access Network Backhaul
  • Placement of the Cisco ASR 901 in the IP RAN Backhaul Solution
Module 2: Hardware Overview and Maintenance of the ASR 901
  • Cisco ASR 901 Placement and Function in the IP RAN Solution
  • Cisco ASR 901 Chassis and Common Equipment
  • Performing Hardware-Related Monitoring Tasks
  • Cisco ASR 901 Hardware Maintenance and Field Replacement
  • Chassis Port Numbering Scheme
  • Establishing Connectivity to the Backhaul Circuit
  • Establishing Connectivity Within the Cell Site
Module 3: Software Overview and Configuration
  • Cisco ASR 901 Cisco IOS Software Overview
  • Logging into the Cisco ASR 901
  • Displaying the Configuration and Locating Important System Files
  • Generating and Installing Software Licenses
  • Performing Basic System and Interface Commands
  • Performing Cisco IOS Command Line Tips and Tricks
  • Applying Cisco IOS Configuration Scripts
  • Performing Software Upgrades
Module 4: Configuring Ethernet Interfaces on the Cisco ASR 901
  • Enabling Ethernet Interfaces
  • Overview of the Cisco Ethernet Virtual Circuit Framework
  • Configuring Ethernet Interfaces Using the Ethernet Virtual Circuit CLI
  • Comparing EVC CLI to Traditional Layer 2 and Layer 3 CLI
  • Ethernet Configuration Example for IP RAN Backhaul
  • Verifying Ethernet Interface Configuration
  • Configuring Cisco Discovery Protocol and Link Layer Discovery Protocol
  • Configuring Spanning Tree Protocol
  • Configuring Link Aggregation and Redundancy Using Port Channels
Module 5: Configuring TDM Interfaces on the Cisco ASR 901
  • Enabling T1/E1 Serial Ports for First Time Use
  • Selecting T1/E1 Clocking
  • Configuring and Verifying T1/E1 Controllers
  • Configuring and Verifying Serial Interfaces
  • Configuring and Verifying Multilink PPP
  • Performing Loopback and Bit Error Rate Testing
Lab Outline:
The lab outline is as follows:
  • Lab 1: Performing Hardware Discovery and Initial Cisco ASR 901 Configuration
  • Lab 2: Installing Cisco ASR 901 Licenses and Performing Software Upgrades
  • Lab 3: Configuring Ethernet Interfaces Using the Ethernet Virtual Circuit Command Line Interface
  • Lab 4: Configuring T1/E1 Controllers, Network Clocking, Serial Interfaces, and Multilink PPP
  • Lab 5: Configuring TDM Local Switching, Performing Loopback and Bit Error Rate Testing

Course ID: A901E

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