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HP Blade System Administration & Virtual Connect (U8484S)

  • Overview
  • Who Should Attend
  • Certifications
  • Prerequisites
  • Objectives
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Course Overview

Course Duration 5 days.
HP Blade System Administration & Virtual Connect This course provides instruction on HP BladeSystem administration and HP Virtual Connect. Discussion of the portfolio overview ensures an understanding of components, configurations, and solutions and helps students identify, manage, and configure HP Virtual Connect components. The course also Identify the distinctions between the G6, G7 and Gen8 servers.

Who Should Attend

  • Administrators, engineers and consultants who will plan and manage the configuration of HP ProLiant BladeSystem c-Class network connectivity and blade servers.

Course Certifications

This course is part of the following Certifications:


  • HP recommends that participants have attained the following credentials or levels of experience before taking this course:
  • Essentials for HP ProLiant (HE643S) or similar experience is recommended
  • Basic Windows Server 2003/2008 knowledge

Course Objectives

  • Explore the functional architecture of the ProLiant BL c-Class environment, including management infrastructure (Insight Display, Onboard Administrator and iLO Management Engine), power and cooling and servers.
  • Review the HP c-Class BladeSystem Portfolio and equipment capabilities. Identify the HP BladeSystem Virtual Connect Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and Flex-Fabric modules
  • Discuss the VC Flex-Technology
  • Understand and configure FlexFabric components
  • Access the VC Manager
  • Configure a VC domain
  • Plan and complete firmware updates using the Virtual Connect Support Utility

Course Content

Module 1: HP BladeSystem c-Class Enclosures
  • Identify the c-Class enclosures
  • Understand the c-Class enclosure structure
  • Install mezzanines and interconnects in the correct locations
  • Identify components by numbering
Module 2: HP BladeSystem c-Class Management
  • Setup and manage a c-Class enclosure
  • Configure out-of-band-management
Module 3: HP BladeSystem Power and Cooling
  • Understand and configure c-Class Power
  • Describe the structural cooling components and features
  • Determine best-practice temperature thresholds
Module 4: HP Intelligent Provisioning
  • Configure Intelligent Provisioning
  • Implement Agentless Management
  • Understand and use the Active Health System
  • Describe the difference between Agentless Management Service and the traditional System Management Homepage
  • Appreciate the advantages of Insight Remote Support
Module 5: HP Integrated Lights-Out Management Engine
  • Understand the changes to the Gen8 iLO structure and functionality
  • Understand the changes to the iLO interface
  • Configure and script iLO
  • Understand iLO 4 licensing
Module 6: HP BladeSystem c-Class Firmware
  • Access HP Service Pack for ProLiant download and documentation
  • Deploy firmware using the Enclosure Firmware Manager (EFM)
  • Update servers using Intelligent Provisioning
  • Know what firmware is embedded in the Onboard Administrator and how to implement it
Module 7: HP BladeSystem c-Class Servers
  • Identify the distinctions between the G6, G7 and Gen8 servers
  • Understand and identify the technologies on the ProLiant system board
  • Identify c-Class Integrity servers and their requirements
Module 8: HP Virtual Connect Overview
  • Understand the benefits of HP BladeSystem with Virtual Connect
  • Describe function of Virtual Connect in a datacenter
  • Compare the differences between Virtual Connect and an Ethernet switch
  • Describe the key Virtual Connect component
Virtual Connect
Module 1: Virtual Connect overview
  • Access Virtual Connect documents and support
  • Explain the differences between Virtual Connect and an Ethernet switch
  • Describe how Virtual Connect configures the server
  • Understand how NIC teams and bonds relate to Virtual Connect
  • Review recent firmware releases and advances
Module 2: HP Virtual Connect Ethernet
  • Determine primary/secondary module placement
  • Identify Virtual Connect Ethernet modules, ports, and connectors
  • Stack multiple Ethernet modules within a single enclosure
  • Describe Virtual Connect manager redundancy
Module 3: HP Virtual Connect Fibre Channel
  • Identify Virtual Connect Fibre channel modules and ports
  • Select VC Fibre Channel connector options
  • Understand Server Side NPIV
  • Understand Virtual Connect Fibre Channel login distribution and re-distribution
  • Introduce the FlexFabric to 3PAR connectivity
Module 4: The Virtual Connect Manager
  • List basic requirements for Virtual Connect
  • Explain Virtual Connect Logical Flow for an Initial Setup
  • Navigate the GUI and CLI
  • Describe Virtual Connect Failover and Configuration Backup
    • Lab 1: Accessing the Virtual Connect Manager
Module 5: The HP Virtual Connect Domain
  • Understand VLAN Tagging
  • Describe Modes, Tunneling and Mapping
  • EXplain Virtual Connect Networking Definitions and Terminology
  • Describe Dynamic Link Aggregation
  • List VC Ethernet Best Practices
Module 6: HP Virtual Connect Flex- Technology 
  • Explain, in general terms, how HP VC Flex Technology works
  • Describe the Flex Technology port assignment process
  • Describe the function of VCM and the Onboard Administrator
  • Identify the advantages offered by Device Control Channel, SmartLink, and VMware
  • Recognize preferred and maximum Bandwidth allocation
  • Explain how oversubscriptions are resolved
  • Describe best practices for Network Configurations and Teaming
  • Describe Teaming (NIC bonding) options within Flex
    • Lab 2: Basic Virtual Connect Manager Setup
Module 7: The Virtual Connect Profile
  • Configure VC profiles using the GUI and scripting
Module 8: HP Virtual Connect Manager Advanced Features
  • Describe major VC Firmware Enhancements
  • Explain the role of Smartlink
  • Identify key technologies such as VLANs and VCM 3.30
Module 9: HP Virtual Advanced Networking 
  • Describe how FlexFabric can replace legacy Ethernet and FC interconnects
  • Recognize FlexFabric Definitions and Terminology
  • Explain the HP VC Flexfrabic module structure
  • List the different HP VC FlexFabric adapters: AMD - NC551, intel- NC553
  • Explain VC FlexFabric Fibre
  • Describe FlexFabric iSCSI
Module 10: HP Firmware Best Practices
  • Deploy Virtual Connect Firmware 

Course ID: U8484S

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