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IBM Cognos A-Apps: Configure and Extend Analytic Models and Reports (V10.1) (P8135G)

  • Overview
  • Who Should Attend
  • Certifications
  • Prerequisites
  • Objectives
  • Content
  • Schedule
Course Overview

IBM Cognos A-Apps: Configure and Extend Analytic Models and Reports (v10.1) - is an intermediate, four-day instructor-led training course. It is designed to teach developers how to implement, modify, extend, and troubleshoot an IBM Cognos Analytic Application through the use of Adaptive Application Framework. Students will generate Analytic Applications reports from an existing project and then create a complete Analytic Application reporting solution. They will learn about the components and architecture of Adaptive Warehouse and how to use warehouse objects such as facts, dimensions, calendars, and currency conversion objects. They will practice using references, calendars, transformations, ERP sources, role playing dimensions, and join paths, and gain an understanding of Load Management, change data capture, and historical dimensionality, and investigate how to use different data sources for their models.

Who Should Attend

  • New and existing IBM Cognos Analytic Applications Modelers and Information Administrators

Course Certifications

This course is part of the following Certifications:


Students should have:
  • IBM Cognos: Configure and Extend Analytic Models (V8.4) - Part 1 or
  • IBM Cognos Framework Manager: Design Metadata Models (V10.1) or
  • extensive experience utilizing Framework Manager models

Course Objectives

  • Please refer to course overview.

Course Content

Adaptive Analytics: Overview and Setup
  • IBM Cognos Solution: Overview
  • Reduce Time, Cost, and Skills Required for Delivery
  • Configure and Deploy Pre-built Applications
  • IBM Cognos Analytic Applications
  • Adaptive Application Framework: What is it?
  • Approach: Traditional vs. AAF
  • AAF Component Overview
  • Adaptive Analytics: Key Concepts
  • AAF Logical Architecture
Introduction to Administrator Workflow and Project Management
  • Adaptive Analytics Workflow
  • AA Workflow: Project Setup
  • Project Setup Requirements
  • Launch Adaptive Analytics
  • Create a New Project
  • Open an AA Project
  • Rename or Delete a Project
  • The Content Management Area
  • Import and Export Content
  • Content Library Files
  • Import and Conflict Resolution
Work With Areas of Analysis - Part 1
  • AA Workflow: Analytic Content
  • Areas of Analysis and Business Capabilities
  • The Report
  • Area of Analysis: Key Elements
  • Area of Analysis Editor
  • The Properties Navigation Pane: General
  • The Properties Navigation Pane: Prompt Parameters
  • Dimensional Data
  • Hierarchies
  • Areas of Analysis: Hierarchies
  • Calendar Hierarchies
  • Measures and Calculations
  • Calculation Types
  • Areas of Analysis Editor: Measures and Calculations
Work With Areas of Analysis - Part 2
  • AA Workflow: Analytic Content
  • Relationships in Adaptive Analytics Join Paths in Adaptive Warehouse
  • Relationship Example
  • Filters
  • Work with Currencies
  • Set Date Contexts and Reporting Periods
  • Set Calendar Hierarchies
  • Detailed Listing Topics
Examine the Summary Analysis Analytic Type
  • AA Workflow: Analytic Content
  • Analytic Types: 8.4 vs. 10.1
  • Summary Analysis
  • Create Reports
  • Create Report: Summary Analysis
  • Create Report: View Menu
  • Preview Modes
Modify and Customize Reports
  • AA Workflow: Analytic Content
  • Overview Area Window: Menu Bar
  • Overview Area Menus
  • Overview Area Window: Toolbars
  • Select Data
  • Relationships: Override Join Paths
  • Chart Settings
  • Configure Charts
  • Chart Ranking
  • Edit Table Layout
  • Add Totals and Subtotals
  • Suppress Zeros
  • Set Currency Properties
  • Select Reporting Period
  • Summary Analysis: Select a Moving Range
  • Select Context Filters
  • Copy, Cut, and Paste Reports
Work with Additional Analytic Types
  • AA Workflow: Analytic Content
  • Analytic Types (ATs)
  • The Trend Analytic Type
  • Trend AT: Multiple Measures
  • Trend AT: Time Period Selection
  • Trend AT: Custom Period Selection
  • The Period on Period Analytic Type
  • The Variance Analytic Type
  • Variance AT: Actual vs. Target
  • The Top Contributors Analytic Type
  • Top Contributors AT: Other Category
  • The Balance Walkthrough Analytic Type
  • Balance Walkthrough AT: Define Measures
  • Detailed Listing Topics
  • The Detailed Listing Analytic Type
  • Configure a Detailed Listing Report
Drill on Hierarchies and Between Reports
  • AA Workflow: Drill-Through Rules
  • Drill Up and Down a Hierarchy
  • Drill on Levels in a Hierarchy
  • Drill Filter
  • Drill Through to Reports
  • Drill-Through Context
  • Drill-Through Definitions
  • Drill-Through Definition: Sources
  • Drill-Through Definition: Target
  • Drill-Through Definition: Scope
  • Restrict to Drill-Through Target Only
  • Drill Through to a Report
  • Drill-Through Target Report Context
Deploy Content for User Consumption
  • AA Workflow: Assign and Publish
  • Roles
  • User View Comparison
  • User View: Reports
  • Deploy Reports to Users
  • Assignments and Information Packages
  • Info Packs: Select the Reports
  • Info Packs: Add Filters
  • Info Packs: Assign Security
  • Table of Content: User View
  • Create an AA Portlet for User Access
  • Set the Portlet Properties
  • Create a Page
  • User Access to the AA Project
  • Deploy Reports to the Content Store
  • Create a Deployment Archive
  • Create a Package for Each AoA
  • Run Deployed Reports
  • Save as a Report Studio Report
  • Save a Report as a User
  • Make a Private Report Available to Other Users
Advanced Report Topics
  • AA Workflow: Analytic Content
  • Dimension Perspective
  • Historical Fields
  • Perspective: Current and Historical
  • Perspective: As At Date
  • Currency Perspective
  • Use Analyze Further
  • Analyze Further Targets
  • Set Up Analyze Further
  • Analyze Further: Available Reports
  • Analyze Further: Related Reports
  • Report Administration
  • Generate Report Specification
  • Generate SQL/MDX
  • Suppress Reporting Period
Work With Adaptive Analytics Content: Advanced Topics
  • AA Workflow: Project Administration
  • Promote Content Between Environments
  • Promote Content: Import and Export
  • Promote Content: Hide This Entry
  • Promote Content: Disable This Entry
  • Point the Project to Another Package
  • Upgrade to a New Version of the Content
  • Import Conflict Resolution Options
  • Conflict Resolution: Partial Upgrade
  • Conflict Resolution: Full Upgrade
  • Conflict Resolution: Replace
  • Validate
  • Validation Warnings
  • Validation Warning: Solution
  • Validation Warning: Recommendation
  • Validation Error: Requires Action
  • Validation: View All Messages
  • Refresh From Target Package
  • Adaptive Analytics Log Files
  • Integration with Business Insight
  • Business Insight Integration: Model
  • Explore with AA From Business Insight
  • Adaptive Analytics 10.1
  • Create a Multi-Language Project
  • Export Translation File
Introduction to Adaptive Warehouse
  • The IBM Cognos Solution
  • Analytic Applications Components
  • Examine the User Interface
  • Adaptive Warehouse Views
  • Target View
  • Source View
  • Determine the Displayed View
  • Metadata Management
  • Synchronize the Target Model
  • Load Management
Adaptive Warehouse in Depth - Part 1

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